Is IV Hydration Therapy Really Beneficial?


The IV hydration drips have been constantly increasing in popularity especially in Australia and across the globe particularly in influencer circles and celebrities. And over Coachella weekend, a couple of high profile individuals were seen hooking up to vitamin loaded IV drips in order to improve their hydration status before their busy schedules. The US based IV hydration room set up a clinic near these festivals for the attendees. So are these IV hydration therapies really beneficial?


Over the past year, professionals have contend regarding the case of the so called hydration rooms and hangover clinics and argued whether or not they are helpful. The IV hydration rooms provide all types of IV therapies to the patients such as liver support and immune support before the festivals, vitamin C for healthy skin, calming vitamins for destressing as well as hangover detoxes that have anti-nausea medications.


Sydney based clinics have also become a hit. And one of the famous hangover clinics provide the patients with IV vitamins, fitness and healthy boosters as well as hangover remedies - the famous resurrection treatment cost about 200 US dollars. You might want to check this website at for more details about health.



Speaking about body and soul recently, the iv bar dallas hydration room founder have said that the advantages of these IV vitamins is that the body is able to absorb 100 percent of it in contrast if it is taken orally in which only 15 to 20 percent are absorbed. Over the past couple of years, professionals have contend that the case of these so called hydration rooms and hangover clinics are really beneficial.


In addition, he also said that they were helpful for migraines, injury recoveries, periodic pain, flu prevention as well as stress relief. Speaking to a physician, he said that within a week after opening these iv hydration dallas clinics and rooms, more than 60 people already went through the door. "We're located right beneath a gym, so we have had a lot of people walk in after a hard workout for the muscle recovery," and "'the health and fitness boosters make you feel great, but it's than hangover remedies where you really notice the difference in how you feel straight away," he said.


As you can see IV hydration is certainly beneficial. It hydrates patients right away especially if there is so much blood loss, prevents them from getting hypotensive shock, cardiogenic shock and other grave things that must be prevented in order not to led to death.